Neoscona oaxacensis and a Spider Wasp
on Antelope Island

Neoscona oaxacensis  and a spider wasp
I noticed this spider because it was hanging in a bush in such an odd way and I had not had
any luck finding Neoscona species this day on Antelope Island, except around the bridges. When
I approached it to look closely at it, this spider wasp flew over and walked around the spider but
 never stung it.  I was wondering if it had stung it before and was waiting to let it "simmmer" for a while.
The spider looked like it was not really dead but in some kind of suspended animation. I watched them
 both for awhile and then the wasp left so I went over to take another photo and the wasp returned, like
it was keeping tabs on it. It was a beautiful spider and a beautiful wasp. I didn't stay any longer because
 the wasp didn't return so I went to hunt for other insects and spiders.  I submitted this photo to Bugguide
but no one has identified it to species yet but I think it's
Neoscona oaxacensis. © Carol Davis 8-14-2015

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