Spotted Orb Weaver

Neoscona oaxacensis
Stunningly beautiful and large female Neoscona oaxacensis on Curlycup
Gumweed. © Carol Davis 7-25-2018, Antelope Island, Davis County. UT
Neoscona in Washington County, Utah
I was very excited to find a Neoscona oaxacensis Orb Weaver at Tonaquint Nature Park in St. George, Utah.
I had neve
r, to my recollection, found a Neoscona species in Washington County. 
I couldn't get a good shot
 of the front because of how the spider was seated on the web and because of the angle of the very bright
 sun, so I wandered around the park for a little while and went back to see if the spider had
changed positions, and it had retreated from the orb. 
© Carol Davis 9-18-2015

Orange legged Neoscona
This was the same spider three days later. The already very warm early morning sun was still
strong and at the wrong angle but I managed to get this shot.  © Carol Davis 9-21-2015

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