Battle in the Weeds
Neoscona Spider and Spider Wasp 
(three photos)

suspended Neoscona spider
This male Neoscona Spider was attacked by a Spider Wasp and suspended between a "v" in
 some weeds. Story: It was minding its own business making a home in the small weeds of Antelope
 Island, because the larger bushes were already occupied by a thousand other spiders, when it was
quickly grabbed by a Spider Wasp. More below... © Carol Davis 6-28-2017

spider wasp and Neoscona spider
I couldn't believe how fast that wasp grabbed the spider. After a brief struggle between the two of them, I could
see the spider had gone stiff.  The wasp then began dragging it through the weeds. I didn't know if it was
trying to get high enough to fly off with it or just drag it to a burrow. It didn't make much progress and would
fly off for a few seconds and then come back.  I think my presence, not three feet from it, was making it nervous. 
Maybe it was just trying to recuperate from a spider bite, I don't know. © Carol Davis 6-28-2017

spider wasp maneuvering spider
It finally just grabbed a leg and moved the spider into this position. Once it had its prey secured,
the wasp left and didn't come back while I was still there.  I had to really concentrate to keep my
eyes on the exact spot down in the weeds because the spider and weeds were so similar in color.  
It's not easy trying to photograph a fast-moving spider wasp through thick weeds so you'll have to
 forgive me for the blurry shots.
I later saw lots of spider wasps and a spider wasp nesting area
and  I have a few photos of that I'll post later. I can't even imagine how many spiders lost
 their lives to the wasps on this day alone.
© Carol Davis 6-28-2017

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