Orb Weaver Exoskeleton  (three photos)
Genus Neoscona

spider exoskeleton
When I came upon this scene, I wasn't sure what I was seeing.
I haven't come across many spider molts where the head is still
attached.  Kind of creepy - like the song "With Her Head Tucked
Underneath her Arm".  Below are a couple more different
views.  © Carol Davis 7-1-2018

spider ecdysis
My sister-in-law, Nicky Davis, raises Tarantulas and she sees a lot of these.
I usually find them when they look like a piece of blanched, dead skin.
I love how the head is off to the side of the body in this photo.
 It's barely attached so you can see why the head is the first
thing to go in a strong wind.  © Carol Davis 7-2-2018

where's my head?
I wish I had been here to watch the whole process with
this spider on Antelope Island. I looked for more, but
couldn't find any. The molt must have just happened
because it looks so fresh.  © Carol Davis 7-1-2018

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