Spotted Orb Weaver
  Neoscona utahana

neoscona utahana
It was a dreary spider day at Promontory Point when I drove by this rabbitbrush and happened to see a blob just inside.
I thought
about driving on but it nagged me that it might be a spider so I backed up and checked it out. I took this
photo with a flash since the spider was tucked inside and hard to access.  © Carol Davis 8-16-2015

possible Neoscona utahana
This shot I took without a flash but lightened it up because it was taken in the shade. I only took three pictures
because I knew it was a Neoscona species and I had a lot of photos of them; besides, I had to squat down to take
 the shots and my knees are not too cooperative.  There were tons of spider wasps in this area and I think
this male
might have been in a defensive pose to ward off predators.
From what I could find out about this species, it looks
like they are a night time hunter with the female building a web in the evening and taking it down in the morning.
This could be a self-preservation move because of all the wasps (just speculation, not fact). © Carol Davis 8-16-2015

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