October Spiders
of Red Butte Garden

phidippus audux with fly
First-year female Phidippus audax with unknown bee or fly. Looks a little guilty.  © Carol Davis 10-7-2014

trashline orb weaver
I found lots of these tiny Trashline Orb Weavers all over Red Butte.  This one
 looked like it was a male because of the swollen pedipalps. © Carol Davis 10-7-2014

little phidppus audax
Another first-year male Phidippus audax looking for companionship in the glare
 of the early morning sun .  © Carol Davis 10-7-2014

red phidippus audax
I thought this red-striped spider was a Phidippus johnsoni but it was, instead, another
first-year P. audax.  He was trying to balloon and was shooting out
silk all over the place, including at me. © Carol Davis 10-7-2014

ballooning phidippus audax
(Duck! Here comes that silk!).

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