Orb Weaver   (five photos)
Genus Larinia

Orb Weaver with a March Fly on Antelope
Island, Davis County, UT.  Carol Davis 4-23-2020

yellow striped orb weaver
These spiders come in all different hues. On this
day, most of them were pretty small but will grow
their full size soon.  Carol Davis 4-23-2020 (Ant. Island)

Larinia underbelly
I consider these shots amazing because the wind
was whipping the webs back and forth making
it almost impossible to photograph. The biting
midges weren't making it easy either.
Carol Davis 4-23-2020

larinia orb weaver
I always say that it may take forever to find a new species but when I do, I
will see it again right after that. That's what happened with the Larinia spider
 I found on 4-16-2012.  I went to Antelope Island again a few weeks later
 and found numerous species of Larinia. In fact, I found very few other species
 of orb weavers.  The design on this one kind of resembles the design you
 find on mens' pajamas, don't you think? Carol Davis, 5-8-2012

This was another darker colored Larinia that I found in a different spot
 on the island. She was just finishing off a meal. 
Because of the rotund
 appearance, I suspect she may have been "with child." Carol Davis, 5-8-2012

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