Orb Weaver  (five photos)
Genus Larinia

larinia on a stick
I found these Larinia in a different area on Antelope Island
and seemed quite plentiful in this particular spot. As you can
 see from all the following photos, the spiders' colors vary
a great deal. © Carol Davis 4-22-2018

lunch with Larinia
It looks to me like Larinia like to take their lunch
to a more secure spot rather than blowing in the wind
in the middle of the web. © Carol Davis 4-22-2018

Larinia orb weaver
While these are not as large as most of the Neoscona that
emerge later on, Larinia are a pretty good size and not
hard to photograph if you can get the wind to stop blowing
for a minute.  © Carol Davis 4-22-2018

light-colored Larinia orb
This one that I found a few weeks later in 2018 was very
 light-colored and smaller so it would be molting again, if
 it survived the many predators on the island (especially
wasps). © Carol Davis 5-8-2018

I've mostly seen these Larinia species hanging in webs on Antelope Island and they are
rather scarce (some years I don't see them at all). This one was
in the process of getting
ready to molt or had just molted and was motionless
on this stem.  The orb weaver wasn't
 very large and so the picture isn't of the best quality
but it shows the beauty of the design
of the spider.  They are not as plentiful as the Neoscona orb weavers that
 populate the island in the summer. I've also found this species
in Box Elder County. © Carol Davis 8-7-2013

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