Striped Orb Weaver
Larinia famulatoria or borealis

Larinia orb weaver
This Larinia had a black spot near the end of its abdomen so I don't
 know if that was part of its pattern
or it had some kind of mishap.  I was
 very excited to find her but I had a heck of a time photographing
 because of
the wind. This was taken with a telephoto lens.
© Carol Davis 5-4-2016 on Antelope Island

Larinia famulatoria or borealis
This is a shot of the abdomen that I took up close with my little camera. 
These spiders are few and far between and that's why I get so excited when
I find one. This species and the Metepeira species were the main
spiders I saw this early day in May.  © Carol Davis 5-4-2016

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