Male Orbweaver  (three photos)
One Larinioides ulnknown species and
One Larinioides patagiatus

larinioides male orb
I usually find this species (at least the females) hiding in a
hole somewhere, but this male was just hanging in a web on
Antelope Island, Davis County, UT.  Carol Davis 5-13-2019

I don't think I'd ever seen a male Larinioides patagiatus until this
day on Antelope Island.  It really threw me.  I couldn't figure out
what species it was, although it bore a resemblance to the other
 female Larinioides I'd photographed.  Carol Davis 5-18-2009

This was a beautiful male spider and he was defending his
territory from my camera :)  Carol Davis, 5-18-2009

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