Female OrbWeaver   (three photos)
possible Larinioides patagiatus

Larinioides orb weaver
I found this female orb weaver early in the morning in the Jordanelle Dam wetlands.
She had her underbelly towards me and I knew it was going to be a trial to get a
 picture of her back because there was no way to get behind her without jumping
 into a three-foot pit. Instead, I chose to sprawl.  © Carol Davis 6-26-2016

possible larinioides patagiatus
I had to get down on the boardwalk, which was no easy task with my bad knees, and hang over
the edge to try to get these shots. While I was thus engaged,
a man and his dog came along and
I kind of startled them.  I don't think the guy was expecting to find
a crazy woman laid out on the
walkway. Isn't photography fun? He didn't even ask what I was doing - he just hustled by me
with a strange expression on his face. Even the dog looked a little confused. © Carol Davis 6-26-2016

orb weaver with red legs
Now, had I met someone on the boardwalk like that, I couldn't have passed by without a quip of
 some sort: "Lose a contact lens?", "Does your mother know what you're doing?", "Did you know
that spiders are edible?" - something! Every day's an adventure. © Carol Davis 6-26-2016

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