Pelegrina  (four photos)
Species Pelegrina

possible male Pelegrina
            jumping spider
The experts on Bugguide think might be a Pelegrina species that
I found in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Salt Lake County, UT.
I thought it might be an
Eris militaris.  There are a lot of
spiders that resemble this male.  Carol Davis 6-3-2020

peppered jumper
I found another immature Pelegrina just weeks after finding the first one
(this one is a male). This tiny creature was at Garr Ranch on Antelope Island
just webbing out a home on a fence post.  How I spotted it, I'll never
know.  Nothing could slow down the spider and it kept spinning and spinning
 all over this shaded post.  I took random shots when there was the least
little pause but the photos were the pits.  I thought it was the Peppered Jumper
 (Pelegrina galathea) but the experts at don't think so or can't
tell for sure.  Either way, it's a first for me.  Carol Davis 6-19-2009

face of the peppered jumping spider
Although this is a terrible photo, I still love looking at the little
grouchy face of this spider.  Carol Davis, 6-19-2009

I was excited to find this spider by accident.  Periodically I
would just pull over on the on the side of the road on Antelope
 Island and scan the area with my binoculars.  On one such
maneuver, there was a little spider, which I would have
ignored since it reminded me of the Zebra Jumping Spider,
but something told me to take a closer look.  I knew it was a keeper
 as soon as I saw the strange zigzag pattern. Carol Davis, 5-31-2009

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