Tan and Brown Phidippus Jumping Spider  (two photos)
Species Unknown

unknown phidippus
I found this beauty in the North Arm Viewing Area of Pineview Reservoir in Weber County, Utah. 
It was a medium-sized immature Phidippus with what looks like a broken pedipalp (it was stuck
the open position in every shot I took, as evidenced in the next photo).  From what I understand,
 they can grow new ones.
© Carol Davis 7-8-2013

tand a brown phidippus
I've never seen any spider with this coloring or pattern so I don't know which species
this is.  Note again that the pedipalp is extended.  It was evident this was going to be
 close to the size of a Phidippus audax when it reached maturity.  © Carol Davis 7-8-2013

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