Jumping Spider
with Neoscona Orb Weaver Prey

Phidippus jumper and
            Neoscona prey
I was driving slowly along a road on Antelope Island when I saw
some eyes staring at me from inside some rabbitbrush. Then I
noticed the dark spider beneath the eyes. It was funny I didn't notice
 the darker spider first (the power of beady eyes!) The one spider was
so dark my first thought was, Black Widow.  © Carol Davis 7-25-2018

spider preying on
One can only imagine the drama that took place. Maybe
the Neoscona orb weaver was resting in the bush or getting
ready to molt but obviously it didn't work out too well for
the orb weaver. I don't know the species of the other spider
but it looks large enough to be a Phidippus of some kind.
Once in a while I get lucky and find something really cool.
© Carol Davis, 7-25-2018 Antelope Island, Davis County, UT

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