Male Phidippus apacheanus  (three photos)
"Red Velvet Jumping Spider"
 1/2 inch

top view of Phidippus apacheanus
I found this male upstart in the sunflowers on Antelope Island.  He obviously hadn't seen a human before because he was
not the
least bit afraid of me.  I took pictures as he looked for insects.  © Carol Davis 9-27-2012

An insane fly kept landing on this spot like it was teasing the spider and, of course, there was a tiny
bystander to the side of the fly tossing out insults to goad the jumper into attacking. The Phidippus
 slowly moved in and took his best shot at the fly - and missed.  © Carol Davis 9-27-2012

jumping spider
 This spider was a real poser. I'm always amazed when I get close to a Phidappus appacheanus because they are

usually so elusive - I was only a few inches from those big eyes and green fangs.  I wished him luck
after a few photographs and left him to his hunting. © Carol Davis, 9-28-2008

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