Female Phidippus apacheanus  (three photos)
"Red Velvet Jumping Spider"

 1/2 inch

female phidippus
Female Phidippus apacheanus with a pretty little wasp on Antelope Island.  I think she was deciding
whether she should offer me her prize or fight me for it.  © Carol Davis 10-1-2010

phidippus appacheanus
Here's another female with a small wasp, also from Antelope Island.  It was a good day for Phidippus Apachaneus.
They become much more open in the fall as prey becomes harder to find. 
© Carol Davis 10-1-2010

phidippus apacheanus and the moth
I had only seen this color of jumping spider twice before when I got this shot in 2008.  It was worth the wait.  She stayed
right by her moth and I'm wondering if she had an egg sac attached .  I try to take only take a few shots and leave
 so I don't disturb the spiders too much.  They deserve a break. © Carol Davis 9-28-2008

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