Jumping Spider  (three photos)
Phidippus apacheanus

orange jumping spider
I was surprised to find this mature Phidippus apacheanus male climbing around on rabbitbrush in the
Jordanelle Dam wetlands in Wasatch County, Utah.  Most of the spiders I find there are Crab Spiders
and Trashline Orb Weavers, as well as some small unidentified jumpers.  © Carol Davis 9-30-2012

phidippus apacheanus
I wasn't finding a lot of insects this day and I don't think this guy was, either. He was pretty much out in the open
 waiting for flies or other insects.  He was a gorgeous red-orange and
seemed unconcerned that I was hanging
around; I think he hadn't seen many humans in his
short life span.  © Carol Davis 9-30-2012

orange jumping spider
So many people I know are freaked out by jumping spiders and all those big eyes. The big eyes are what makes these
spiders so appealing, in my opinion. One day there was a female Phidippus audax
jumping spider in my yard hanging on
to the side of a rain barrel. When I was about eight feet from
it, it retreated around the side and when I backed away
it came back out in front. I did this quite
a few times and it was then I realized just how good their eyesight is. All
Phidippus jumpers are
beautifully-colored and entertaining to watch as they stalk their prey.  © Carol Davis 9-30-2012

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