Female Jumping Spiders with Prey
Phidippus apacheanus

Phidippus apacheanus
              with stink bug
We almost missed seeing this female hiding in bushes
in Mercur Canyon. She had some kind of stink bug
in her grasp.  © Carol Davis 10-8-2019

jumping spider with
She was trying to drag this bug quickly down
through the bush so we couldn't steal her
catch :]  © Carol Davis 10-8-2019

female Phidippus apacheanus
This female Phidippus apacheanus jumper on Antelope
Island had a surprised look on her face like she was
wondering what in the heck kind of predator I was and
 if I was about to steal her moth. I prefer shrimp (not
 brine shrimp, either). © Carol Davis 8-14-2015

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