Jumping Spider  (five photos)
female Phidippus apacheanus

female phidippus
I was driving in my car on Antelope Island and just happened to see
this floating blob out of the corner of my eye. I don't think I've ever seen
one of these dangling in mid air. I did a circle and came back as close as
 I dared and shot these photos from afar. © Carol Davis 10-16-2017

checking out something
She seemed to be enthralled with whatever was in this dark mass of web.
She would sit for awhile and then she would reach over the touch it.  I'm
thinking it might have been her catch of the day © Carol Davis 10-16-2017

upside-down spider
A couple of times she posed like this and just seemed to be
enjoying the fall weather on the island.  © Carol Davis 10-16-2017

Wheeee! © Carol Davis 10-16-2017

touching her catch
When she wasn't dangling and twisting in the breeze, she was just
touching like this glob and almost seemed to be playing. It was fun to
 watch her and I didn't want to spoil her fun so I stayed about 10-15
feet away. © Carol Davis 10-17-2017

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