Male Phidippus apacheanus
Male Black Widow

male phidippus
            apacheanus and male latrodectus hesperus
We were taking pictures of male Black Widows on Antelope
Island when a fight broke out between two of them. They scuffled
 for a bit and one of them ran down a wall and just near the bottom
a male Phidippus apacheanus ran out of the brush and snatched
 him off the wall. © Carol Davis 9-22-2019

male Latrodectus
This was one of the two fighting Black Widows. The loser became an
early morning breakfast for the jumping spider.  My sister-in-law,
Nicky Davis, and I just got a few pictures before the jumper
dragged his prey into the brush. © Carol Davis 9-22-2019

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