Phidippus Audax (three photos)
"Daring Jumping Spider"
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Phidippus Audax
First-year Phidippus Audax waiting for prey on my automobile.
The orange color instead of white is shown on the
first-year P. Audax © Carol Davis, 4-2-05

Phidippus Audax
Hiding outside next to the air conditioning pipes. Check out those peepers!

Jumping spiders have elaborate courtship displays and a great field of vision.  I can
personally attest to the fact that the Phidippus Audax are capable of catching and
consuming a fly every 45 minutes.  They are one of the very best of the beneficial spiders
in North America and my personal favorite.  If you try to take their picture and you
get close enough, they'll hop on your camera lens.  Not afraid of much.

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