Unusually-marked Bold Jumper  (three photos)
Phidippus audax (Bryantae variations)

        Bryantae bold jumper
This little immature Bold Jumper was in Red Butte
Garden, Salt Lake City UT.  © Carol Davis 9-16-2014

Phidippus audax - Bryantae variation
I have lots of these Phidippus audax species in my yard in Taylorsville,
Utah and they rule my deck, but this is the
first I have ever noticed with the
unusual white markings on the carapace that seem to point
directly to
 the bright white pedipalps out front.  Bugguide calls spiders like these a
 Bryantae variation, which they explain on this page. © Carol Davis 5-30-2014

unusual Phidippus audax
I took these two pictures before the shy guy retreated beneath 
but people are really freaked out about their large size and quick
movements. Jumping spiders are the cream
of the crop when it
 comes to cleaning up your pests - and are not really out to get you
 (despite what my friend, Claudia, thinks).  © Carol Davis 5-30-2014

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