Daring or Bold Jumping Spider  (three photos)
Phidippus audax
15 mm - female

female phidippus audax
I opened my shed door and this large spider plunked to the ground below.  You can tell they're large when they "plunk".

jumping spider
This immature female wasn't doing much moving since she was knocked from her web where she
was probably preparing to molt.  Maybe she  thought she was in the middle of a nightmare.

jumping spider
I've seen female Phidippus audax before but this one was the biggest I've seen and she's not even
totally matured.  She's also the most golden I've seen.  I finally coaxed her up onto a piece of paper
and relocated her inside the shed.  She hasn't returned to the door as yet. They love my shed doors.
I hope I get to see her when she's full grown--she'll be a monster.  © Carol Davis 4-25-2010

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