Daring or Bold Jumping Spider  (three photos)
Phidippus audax

male phidippus audax
On my deck I have a boot scraper right next to the door and that is where this mature male Phidippus audax
decided to watch for prey.  Seemed like a pretty good idea to me, too.  © Carol Davis 4-27-2010

darking jumping spider
Most people think this spider is beautiful in a creepy sort of way, but the green fangs really freak them out. 
This large jumping spider will rear up and show its fangs if you get too close but then it usually retreats if
you persist in annoying it.  Jumping spiders are not out to get you, unless you happen to be the human fly
or other spiders, like the ones below.  © Carol Davis 4-27-2010

spider reflection
I took this photo years ago of a Phidippus Audax who thought that the reflections in our outside door
locks were other spiders.  It kept moving from one reflection to another to fend off these threating,
albeit unusually attractive, rivals.    © Carol Davis, 2004

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