Large Jumping Spider  (three photos)
Phidippus audax

phidippus audax
I was not finding any live spiders at Clear Creek WMA and then I decided to go searching in the reeds by
the water.
This beautiful jumping spider seemed curious and didn't run away immediately. © Carol Davis 9-15-2012

large jumping spider
Most people recognize Phidippus audax by the large size and white spots but when they're young they are often an
orange-yellow. According to things I've read, they turn to white after later molts.
© Carol Davis 9-15-2012

capture by the spider
This is the first one I found and it was very elusive. It kept hiding behind the reed. Then it caught a fly
and this was the best shot I could get before it ran to the ground to eat lunch. © Carol Davis, 9-15-2-2012

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