Jumping Spider  (three photos)
Phidippus Clarus?

phidippus clarus
This large, very long-legged Phidippus Clarus (I think) was chasing bees all over this bush near a pond in St. George, Utah.

This is the only overhead shot I got of him.

hunting bees
He would jump from one branch to another trying to catch just one of scores of bees that were pollinating the flowers. In this photo he is just
coming up over the top of a bud to grab the bee that left a split-second ago.  This hunter never slowed down even though he failed to catch
anything while I was watching and was moving so fast I think the bees were on to him--no sublety at all in the pursuit.  I was laughing the
whole time I was trying to get a shot of him because of his enthusiasm.  He was the most beautiful of the genus Phidippus I have ever seen
with the bright red, white and black outfit and the glowing green fangs. 

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