Phidippus octopunctatus
Jumping Spider
15 mm

gray jumping spide
I found this female while slowly driving on Antelope Island and at first glance I thought she was a
 very rotund beetle. Take a look at those jet-black peepers!  Don't they look like shoe-button eyes? 
I wish I could have taken her home.
© Carol Davis, 6-15-2010

I was stunned by her beautiful colors and the obvious pattern down the middle of her back.
She was gorgeous and the first female of this species I had seen. © Carol Davis, 6-15-2010

side view of phidippus
These spiders usually run off at the first sign of movement but she let me take her picture multiple times. 
Then she hid under the grass blade, came back up, I took a few more photos, and then she hid under-
neath again and I left her alone.  When I went to my car she ran down the blade and disappeared
in the grasses.  She never once showed any aggression towards me.  © Carol Davis, 6-10-2010

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