Phidippus Jumping Spider  (two photos)
Species Unknown

orange phidippus jumping spider
This little gorgeous Phidippus jumping spider that was hunting on a sunflower on Antelope
Island must
have recently molted because it was flawless. It could be a model, if there was a
fashion magazine (wanna start one? "Bite" "Jaws" "Palps")  © Carol Davis 7-19-2013 

black, orange, and yellow phidippus spider
I would guess this is an instar of either a Phidippus Johnsoni or a Phidippus apacheanus because these are the
most common of the large jumping spiders (in my opinion) on the Island (that have red or
orange on them). 
I have found similarly-colored youngsters all over the place in Northern Utah. 
© Carol Davis 7-19-2013

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