Phidippus Jumping Spider with White Stripes  (three photos)
genus Phidippus

phidippus jumping spider
This gorgeous spider was hanging around Herriman, Utah when I was out there visiting friends. It was
guarding their yard from invaders trying to sneak in from the surrounding hills.  © Carol Davis 6-12-2013

wonderful jumping spider
I have used this very photo in a couple of my poems because this jumper has
the cutest face EVER.  © Carol Davis 6-12-2013

brown, white and black phidippus spider
I have seen many Phidippus jumping spiders but this one has such a beautiful combination
of colors. It's not fully grown so it's very hard to tell what the exact species is.  Jumping spiders
really change colors through their development.  © Carol Davis 6-12-2013

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