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Philodromus histrio

running crab spider
If someone asked me to find a Philodromus histrio within five minutes on Antelope Island, I'd know exactly where I could find one.
They love these flowers, which are not yet in bloom in May, when this photo was taken of this pristine female.  Crab spiders blend in
very well and the bugs like the flowers, so finding these predators stretched out for the "grab" is common.  Sometimes when I approach one
that is fully engaged in the hunt, they will wave me away like the one below is doing - "I vant to be alooooone."  Carol Davis, 5-8-2012

running crab spider
Every time I got close in the beginning, this spider would wave.  Carol Davis, 3-10-2011

running crab spider
This one, which I found in 2010, was a very cooperative and let me take pictures to my heart's content. 
With a pose like this, you could just throw a tiny tarp over her and she could become a teepee.  Use her for
backpacking and you could have a tent that protects you from mosquitoes. Carol Davis, 5-25-2010 Antelope Island

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