Running Crab Spider  (two photos)
Rhysodromus female
Rhysodromus alascensis?

gray and tan crab spider
While walking around Silver Lake at Brighton, Utah in 2011, I was looking inside a False Hellebore plant
 when I noticed a little rock sitting in the middle of the leaves.  Upon closer inspection, I saw a crab
 spider perched on it.  It had a different coloring than any other running crab spider that I've
seen.  It was a great find and it was gorgeous!  © Carol Davis 7-14-2011

Philodromus crab spider
No one seems to be able to identify this one to species and I can see why since it
 is so unusual  in color.
I can't imagine how many species of spiders there are in
 this world just waiting to be identified.  This one gets my "all-time beautiful
 running crab spider award." 2019: I've been perusing Rysodromus photos
on the Internet and the stab mark on this beauty resembles
Rhysodromus alascensis. © Carol Davis 7-14-2011

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