Running Crab Spider  (four photos)
Genus Rhysodromus histrio

Is that a spider?

crab spider
Yes, Alice, there is a Running Crab Spider and it's hidden in this picture
somewhere.  I wouldn't have ever seen this spider except I was following
the flight of an insect and, as it went over this bush, the spider made a
movement tow
ards it.  © Carol Davis 10-18-2017, Mercur Canyon, UT

crab spider
These spiders just seem to know the perfect place to blend in and, as
 you can see, this one is no different. The little black insect it's holding
is dinner that it just nabbed from the air. © Carol Davis 10-18-2017

crab spider
Talk about the perfect color and "fabric" match... © Carol Davis 10-18-2017

step back
"Stand back!" This little spider is warning my sister-in-law, Nicky,
 that she's getting a little too close (notice the
one-legged point)
spiders love to point and it's always amusing - they're
so dang cute!. © Carol Davis 10-18-2017

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