Ruth's Cat Spider  (two photos)
"Cat-faced Spider"
Araneus gemmoides

cat-faced spider
My friend Ruth Sulik found this spider while she was jogging in Alpine, Utah.  Although she is afraid of spiders,
she wrapped up this little lady in her jacket and jogged back home so she could give her to me.  Now that's true
© Carol Davis, 10-11-2011

Araneus gemmoides
And, being the spider enthusiast that I am, I drove down to her house and got it that very day. I took
 it home and put it in my yard and I haven't seen it since. I think it might have been with child(s). 

Thanks to Ruth, maybe I will have a yard full of cat spiders next year.  B
esides being a
 bump-seeking backroads fanatic in her jeep, Ruth is a tutor and a magician.  Hey, that's
probably why she liked this spider - it has bumps!
© Carol Davis, 10-11-2011

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