Sand Spiders
Spiders Who Patrol the Sand on Antelope Island

sand spider
When I looked down at the sand on one of the beaches at Antelope Island, I saw a tiny thing jump and thought immediately
"sand flea!", but it was just a little too large for that.   I never would have seen it if it hadn't jumped because, as you can see,
this tiny jumping spider is about the same color as the sand.  I was amazed that such a tiny spider could jump on that soft
surface because it's like dry quicksand when you try to walk across it.  When you see the photo up close, it's evident that
the sand gives more leverage than it would seem to human eyes because it's just minute pebbles (I always think of sand
as just dust).  © Carol Davis 10-15-2010

crab spider
This small Running Crab Spider was also in the "quicksand" at Antelope Island, though on a different day from the jumping
spider above.  It was making faster progress than the jumping spider and was a little more difficult to photograph.  The
actual photo turned out better than the jumping spider because the contrast was picked up better by my camera whereas
the jumping spider was recognized by my lens as just more gray sand and had a hard time focusing.  Both blended
well into their surroundings and, who knows, may have evolved a little in color to help conceal them as they hunt. 

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