Sassacus papenhoei with Prey   (three photos)
Jumping Spider

jumping spider
Sassacus papenhoei is often mistaken for a beetle because of its shape and color.  It is very small
and is fond of flies.  Carol Davis, 7-25-2012

emerald green jumping spider
I get excited when I see one of these I can actually photograph because they are so elusive. This one was
trying to dine in private on Antelope Island.  Carol Davis 7-25-2013

irridescent jumping spider
Here it's trying to drag the fly around the corner to get away from me.  Depending on how the light is directed
to this spider, it can look iridescent bluish-green, greenish-gold, or any
combination of blue, gold, green and
 even red (you can see the colors better in these photos).  They are tiny but beautiful!  Carol Davis 7-25-2012

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