Spiders Sharing Spaces  (three photos - two different spaces)

Sometimes heat will drive predators to share spaces and sometimes an overabundance of
prey will do the same.  Here are just a few spiders I found sharing spaces on Antelope Island in Utah

Black Widow
I found this black widow in the corner of a building, sharing spaces with ...

spiders sharing spaces
...some older Black Widow spiderlings and a Wolf Spider.  Notice the wolf spider has a weed buffer between him
and the Widows, whether on purpose or by accident.  And, out of the immediate picture, there was also this
Long-jawed Orb Weaver on the ceiling (follow the link to see the photo of it.)  All the spiders were within
the webbing of the Black Widow and I had to stick my hand in the outer webbing to get these photos (duh!--I'm not
usually that stupid). On another day, in a different area on the island, I found these two Widows below sharing spaces:

a male and female black widow
The top spider is an immature male Western Black Widow and the bottom spider is an immature female
Western Black Widow.  The tiny spider above and off to the right of her is a Cellar Spider.  All
these spiders were alive and well and sharing spaces.  © Carol Davis, 7-29-2009

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