Six-spotted Orbweaver   (six photos)
Araniella displicata

red Araniella
I found this little beacon of light in Big Cottonwood
Canyon. It was in such a place that it was extremely
hard to photograph it. It really stood out, though,
the green bushes.  Carol Davis 7-8-2020

Araniella displicata
We hit the jackpot in Wasatch Mountain State Park when we found a
bunch of Six-spotted Orb Weavers performing high-wire acts in
Choke Cherry bushes.  Cute as buttons! Also cute as a button
is the tiny Springtail in the lower right-hand corner
of the photo.  Carol Davis 6-24-2019

Araniella displicata
I just spotted a little movement on a bush in Tooele County and

was totally shocked to see this tiny beauty.  I think my sister-in-law,
Nicky Davis, and I were a little giddy after this find. Carol Davis 6-11-2018

six-spotted orb
I have observed that in Utah these generally have eight spots instead of the
traditional six and I've even seen them with ten.  This one was not tucked
in a leaf, like I find them in Red Butte Garden, but was in the open. The
hard part was that it was sitting in a low bush, so getting a face
 shot was pretty much impossible. Carol Davis 6-11-2018

belly of the beast
The real trouble is locating them at all.  Most of the time
I find them in more lush locales, so to see this one
in such a dry location was surprising.  It added a little
color to the desert habitat.  Carol Davis 6-11-2018

Tiny Six-spotted Orb Weaver was tucked in the belly of a leaf
at North Arm WMA in Weber County. Utah Carol Davis, 6-17-2007

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