The Spider and the Fly in Taylorsville, Utah
The Spider and the Fly
Phidippus Audax

daring jumping spider
First-year female Phidippus Audax on the hunt on the siding by my back door . I was lucky to get
this shot as she kept slipping over the side and hiding in the crack.  © Carol Davis, 10-19-07

Claiming the prize
I came out to take more pictures only to find this little lady already off the siding and onto
the rose bush.  I had a heck of a time getting her to hold still for a shot.  She kept going under
a leaf and then when I'd turn the leaf over she'd go to the opposite side.  Never lost her
grip on the fly, though.  What a hunter!  © Carol Davis, 10-19-07

Over the top of the leaf
Notice how neatly bundled this little package is.  I had to use the flash here to get
both the fly and the spider.  © Carol Davis, 10-19-07

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