Early February Spider Dinner Choices 
(four photos)
Crab & Wolf Spider & Flies

Crab spider dinner choices
Dinner choices - Shore Fly, a Wolf Spider, and maybe a Dung Fly?- on Antelope Island in early
February.  I cam
e upon these three in close proximity basking together in the warm afternoon
 sun. The Wolf Spider was a few feet away among many other flies. © Carol Davis 2-8-2017

running crab spider
This Running Crab Spider (
Philodromidae) did look kind of hungry but
wasn't in the mood for running just yet. © Carol Davis 2-8-2017

wolf spider
Now this little Wolf Spider was in the mood for running but hadn't feasted yet.  Its
choices of food were the same, and could have included the Crab Spider if it was
fast enough and daring enough.  © Carol Davis 2-8-2017

shore flies
I found these sociable shore flies, probably having an orgy. Shore flies were popping out of
the bushes like popcorn. One thing is for certain - when the flies come out to play, the
 spiders come out to prey.   © Carol Davis 2-8-2017

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