Predation - Spider on Spider
"Survival of the Fittest"

Six scenes of spider on spider predation

Opening Scene - Ground Spider attacking a Yellow Sac Spider

ground spider and sac spider

Scene 2 - A tiny male Cobweb Spider just hanging around inches away

cobweb spider and two other spiders

Scene 3 - A female Zebra Jumping Spider comes in and attacks the unaware Cobweb Spider

zebra jumping spider attacking a cowweb spider

Scene 4 - Four species of spiders underneath the same leaf; two spiders being eaten

two spiders preying on two spiders

Scene 5 - Partially eaten Yellow Sac Spider and a female Ground Spider

partially devoured yellow sac spider

Scene 6 - A quick meal for the Zebra spider (who departed), and what remains of the Cobweb spider

dead cobweb spider

Conclusion:  Female Black Widows are not the only spiders who eat their mates or other spiders. They
all do this if an easy opportunity arises and especially with the females, who use the prey
for their egg sacs (feeding the babies when they hatch).  I see this all the time when I'm
photographing spiders in the wild and even the mild-mannered orb weavers on
Antelope island do it.  This sequence of photos was taken in my yard
in Taylorsville, Utah.  © Carol Davis 7-20-2009

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