Desert Spider Retreat

spider retreat in the center of a web

When I first spotted this web amidst a bunch of cacti in front of the Henderson Viewing Ponds main building, I thought it was a
wrapped-up insect.  From, I found out that this is a spider retreat .  I wish I had known this at the time and I would
have tried to find the spider.  The web was very large because it was connected to all the cacti around it.  From what I understand, the
spider rests inside a hole at the bottom of this thing and waits for its prey.  The retreat was probably 1 1/2 inches or longer.  I think
the spider belonging to this must have been quite large because the silk was so thick.  Look how well it is supported
with all the strands of web coming off from it.  Very cool!  © Carol Davis, 4-12-2008

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