The Spider vs. the Robberfly  (four photos)
Spider - probably Neoscona
Robber Fly - Proctacanthus ("large robber fly")

robber fly in the bushes
I was out of my car on Antelope Island taking pictures of spiders and dragonflies when this obviously agitated blob fell
out of the sky and landed in the grasses.  A look through my binoculars revealed a Robber Fly with prey.  I'm surprised
the robber fly could free himself from the web attached to his wing but he kept trying to take off without much success.

what is it
I moved in for a shot and began taking pictures from different angles.  What I couldn't figure out was why the
Robber Fly was agitated and swearing a blue streak.  I was beginning to think he was fighting
something for his prey but I couldn't make out what it was.

is that a spider
This shot finally revealed all three:  the spider, the dragonfly and the Robber Fly.  In this photo you can see that both predators
have hold of the grass, the dragonfly and each other.  After a couple of minutes, the Robber Fly pulled away one more time
but the spider remained attached.  They all landed about four feet further east on some more grass.  They struggled a
little longer and then the Robber Fly took off , still cussing, leaving his prey and nemesis behind.

the victor
The spider immediately secured the dragonfly on a bush.  It 's my guess that this whole battle must have ensued when the
Robber Fly stole the dragonfly from the spider's web, not knowing the arachnid was attached.  What a great
event to witness.  A few minutes one way or the other and I would have missed the battle.  It was great!

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