Spiders Galore!  (two photos)
Species Neoscona

millions of Neoscona spiders on Antelope Island
As I rounded the turn on the Antelope Island causeway today and started down the home stretch to the island itself,
I noticed lots of dots all over the plants along the side of the road. I was in my glory when I realized it was my
favorites species - SPIDERS!  There must be millions on the island and causeway right now and there
 are insects to feed them (grasshoppers, midges, deer flies, etc.).  Spiders don't usually populate the
causeway, so this is something unusual and may have something to do with the unusual summer
 heat or the shrinking of the lake.  © Carol Davis 6-30-2015

millions of spiders
It seemed like every bush along the last mile of the causeway that leads to the island was covered in spiders. I personally
have never seen numbers like this before. I was beginning to think that they were going away because the last few years
have been sparse when it comes to these Island attractions. You may hate spiders but
you have to admire what
they do.  What a great day it was today and I'm glad I got to witness
this comeback by a very docile but
hard-working species. Enjoy them. © Carol Davis 6-30-2015

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