Male Spitting Spider  (two photos)
Scytodes thoracica

Scytodes thoracica
I was just getting ready to hit the sack when I spotted this tiny spider slowly wending its way
across the room next to the baseboard. I looked at it quickly through a magnifier and since
it was light brown I decided to take a photograph - I don't want any brown recluses reclusing
through my house in the night (we don't have any in Northern Utah, by the way). 
Someone on Bugguide told me this was a male.  Carol Davis, 7-26-2012

spitting spider
Since it was already an hour-and-a-half past my bedtime, I wasn't in any mood to catch
and release but when I saw what was in my camera viewer, I almost had a coronary. I've
been looking for these spiders for years and if I hadn't been up so late, I never would have
 found this one.  Instead of attempting to write a long description of this unusual spider,
I'll refer you to Wikipedia - it has a great explanation of how it got its name and how it
 captures prey. 
Luckily the next day, I woke up and found the spider had somehow
 made its way into my bathroom sink so I got a few  more photos - these two replace
 the first day's photos. This time after the photo shoot I took it outside and let it go).
  Carol Davis, 7-26-2012

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