Female Spitting Spider  (four photos)
Scytodes thoracica

spitting spider
One Spitting Spider in my lifetime was amazing but another one 14 months later was just plain crazy! I found
 this fancy female in the downstairs bathroom on the ceiling
over the tub.  By the time I scrounged up my camera
and got back to the scene, she had secured herself in a little web hammock suspended barely off the ceiling.
Biding their time, about 2 feet away on either side of her, were
two male Steatoda triangulosa cobweb
 spiders. Knowing what predators the Steatoda are, and to preserve
the health of this female, I removed the
two cobweb spiders and left her
just to see what the situation would be in the morning. The next day I found
her in the tub and she had consumed something (she had tell-tale
insect or spider parts in the tub). 
I figured she would be flushed or squashed (by other household members) if I left her
there so I took her
out to our shed and left her in a good spot. I hope she
survives with all those funnel weavers, jumping
spiders and cobweb spiders. She'd already lost one leg. Carol Davis, 9-14-2013

Scytodes thoracica
I just love the cool-looking face on these incredible spiders.  There's more information on my first Spitting Spider
. Pictures of the two Steatoda triangulosa are shown below.  Carol Davis, 9-14-2013

steatoday triangulosa
This was one of the male Steatoda spiders that was pretty close to the Spitting Spider
and he didn't
 look too healthy. He'd probably been out looking for a female and forgot to eat. I'm wondering if
the thing off to the left of this him might have been part of the Spitting Spider's lost leg. The
Steatoda below was the second spider near her and was much more robust.
Carol Davis, 9-14-2013

male cobweb spider Steatoda triangulosa
All three of these spiders were very small but the Steatoda were the smallest.  Carol Davis 9-14-2013

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