Female Spitting Spider  (four photos)
Scytodes thoracica

shed spitting spider
I was very excited to find this Spitting Spider on the inside of my shed
door. Last fall I took one out to my shed because I had released so many
already inside the house. I don't know if this is a survivor from that fall day,
a hatched baby, or one of many already living out there permanently.
Sources on the internet seem to think they are indoor spiders in our state
but who knows (the shed isn't heated at all). This gal looks like she's ready to
 lay eggs - hopefully
. She's standing next to an elm seed bug nymph and
I hope she's eating
those pests on a regular basis.  Carol Davis 6-12-2018

female spitting spider
Carol Davis 6-12-2018, Taylorsville, Utah

spitting spider
I just love the cool-looking face on these incredible
spiders. Carol Davis, 9-14-2013

Scytodes thoracica
  There's more information on my first Spitting Spider page. Carol Davis, 9-14-2013

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