Male Spitting Spider
Scytodes thoracica

female Scytodes thoracica
The reason I can find these spiders in my house now is because I take no tiny yellow spider for granted. I used to assume
they were Yellow Sac Spiders.  Now I assume they are Spitting Spiders if they are very small and slow-moving and hanging
out in the bathroom, along the baseboard, in the tub, or on the ceiling of said room.  I have carpet throughout
most of the
house so maybe that's why I find them so easily in the bathroom where it's tiled.  I'm sure my cats find
them in other places
because they are always tracking spiders. This female Spitting Spider, who was hanging out in my tub, might have some of
her silk
entangled in her front legs. If you want to read a very thorough description of these spiders, visit this page
at Animal Diversity Web.  © Carol Davis

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