Steatoda Cobweb Spider
possible Steatoda hespera

This dimply little cobweb spider could be the small Steatoda hespera, known to help control the
Hobo Spider found in homes in Utah. It was running around near my niece's restaurant,
Lazy Day Cafe  in the Millcreek area of the Salt Lake Valley.  © Carol Davis, 11-28-2011

steatoda hespera possibility
Cobweb spiders prey on anything that enter their webs, including other spiders. They are a relative of the
black widow but don't carry the same reputation. They can bite, however, and will do so if provoked. Usually
they just stay near their small webs and wait for intruders. The strip of dark brown across the front of
the abdomen is a design found on
Steatoda hespera. © Carol Davis, 11-28-2011

You can see the dimples on the abdomen in the above photo - another characteristic of this spider.
It's curled up in a protective mode because I was moving it around trying to get photos. Do spiders
scare you? Think of how scared they must be of us giants. 
© Carol Davis, 11-28-2011

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