Cobweb Spider
Genus Steatoda

cobweb spider
I suspect that this small spider is the same species as the one my niece and her friend found earlier in the
 Millcreek area of the Salt Lake valley.  It appears to be a little older.  © Carol Davis, 1-3-2012

brown cobweb spider
It has the same dimples on the abdomen and the thin tan line at the front as the
other one had.  They are definitely in the Steatoda genus. 
© Carol Davis, 1-3-2012

underside of Steatoda
I was able to get a shot (not a very good one, I admit) of the underside. Many times a
closeup can help narrow down the spider to species. 
Cobweb spiders usually make
 their messy little webs in corners of windows or doors where insects enter.
© Carol Davis, 1-3-2012

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