Cobweb Spider  (five photos)
Genus Steatoda

steatoda male from the
Beautiful little male Steatoda species of Cobweb Spider hanging from
the siding
on my house in Taylorsville, UT.  He's pretty happy as you can see
from the smiley face on his abdomen in the photo below. © Carol Davis 10-

smiley face on
            Steatoda cobweb spider
Steatoda spiders are the grizzlies of the small spider world,
in my
humble opinion.  They'll eat anything! Below are
photos of a male from 2016. © Carol Davis 10-5-2018

male steatoda spider
This is an exciting find for me - the first male Steatoda Cobweb
I've been able to photograph.  © Carol Davis 10-7-2016

cobweb spider
This little male was near my back door in Taylorsville, Utah.  He was
 just enjoying relaxing in the mild weather.  They have very long legs
 that always look like they want to hold on to something - your
fingers, maybe?  © Carol Davis 10-7-2016

male spider
The experts on Bugguide seem to have a little trouble with the
Western US Steatoda. Maybe someday a spider expert from Utah will
join in on the identification process.  © Carol Davis 10-7-2016

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