Cobweb Spider  (three photos)
Steatoda triangulosa

steatoda triangulosa
Found this tiny little beauty while cleaning my shed in Taylorsville, Utah.  Took her from the
bucket she was hanging around in and put her in a white glass bowl long enough to take this
reflective photo.  Put her back in the bucket and tucked it in a safe place.  She was instantly
starting a new messy web--busy, busy, busy.  I was amazed at how fast she could spin a web
and work her way to the top of the bucket.  Not a spider to turn your back on. While they are
 in the same family as the black widows, their bite is not quite as painful but it comes with fever,
cramps, etc.  Always wear gloves when cleaning out sheds or garages. This spider is known
to prey upon the Brown Recluse (follow link to article). Thanks always to for
help in identification.  Carol Davis, 9-9-06

cobweb spider
The Steatoda Triangulosa around my home like to capture what we call "potato bugs", also know as "Rolly-Pollys", etc.
Maybe it's because they make a neat round package when all is wrapped and done.  Carol Davis, 9-9-2008

beetle in a bag
Do you want your beetle in paper or plastic? This one really looks like it has been placed
in a plastic sack with the head just barely sticking out the bottom.  Carol Davis, 9-3-2008

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